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Maedeup Fork

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This fork with the traditional Korean Dorae knot is the most popular piece from the Korean ceramic artist Hayoon Kim’s most notable collection 'Maedeup'. Korean knots are symmetrical and three-dimensional. In order to preserve the authenticity of traditional Korean culture while adding a modern touch, she conducted extensive research at the National Museum of Korea for several months and reinterpreted traditional Korean knots in a contemporary style.


  • The Dorae knot on fork is the most commonly used knot, named dorae because it looks like a baby turning its head.
  • The Gwidorae knot on spoon is an extended Dorae knot design with added ears. Gwi means “ears” in Korean.
  • The Yeonbong knot on knife bears its name due to its resemblance to the bud of a lotus flower. In the Joseon dynasty, Yeonbong knots were weaved and worn to pray for prosperity, health, peace, and a good harvest of their offspring.


Handmaking such complex cutlery out of ceramics requires exquisite craftsmanship because of how easily the material could break when it is being trimmed. Still, Hayoon Kim never compromises quality. Thanks to her excellent sense of aesthetics and fine attention to detail, we can incorporate this piece of art into our daily lives. We guarantee a culturally rich dining experience when you use the matching bowl and cutlery together.


It is also possible to purchase a cutlery set of a teaspoon, dessert fork, and butter knife in a gift box.


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Length: 14 cm 
  • Handmade in South Korea


Instructions for Care

  • The dishware is dishwasher safe, but it is not to be used in an oven or exposed to direct heat.
  • Using abrasive sponges may result in scratches.
  • This dishware requires more gentle care than production pottery. Avoiding sudden impacts, extreme temperature changes, and stubborn stains will help increase the longevity of the pieces.


The dishware is handmade, one by one, and may have speckles and tiny cracks.

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