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Folding Umbrella "Dancheong" - White Porcelain

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This umbrella design pays homage to the Dancheong pattern found beneath the roof of Cheongwadae, also known as the Blue House. The roof of the Blue House is composed of 150,000 handmade blue tiles, each individually baked to ensure their strength and durability for centuries. Blue tiles have been in use since the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392), renowned for its production of celadon, a greenish-blue type of ceramic. While celadon is commonly associated with ceramic jars, Goryeo artisans crafted and employed celadon for a variety of everyday items. Thus, it is not surprising that roof tiles were also made using celadon.



Dancheong refers to the traditional Korean decorative coloring applied to the surfaces of wooden buildings and artifacts. This intricate art form is executed by officially authorized artisans called Dancheongjang. Dancheong serves not only as ornamentation but also has practical purposes such as protecting buildings from insects and deterioration caused by weather changes, thereby prolonging their lifetime. It also covers scratches on surfaces or defects in construction material. Additionally, it gives a character of dignity and majesty and functions as a visual marker of hierarchy.


To ensure the highest quality umbrellas that showcase traditional Korean patterns, we invested over a year in close collaboration with Dancheongjang, a master accredited by the Korean government, to conduct extensive research on Dancheong. It is important to maintain originality and preserve value while adding a modern touch. Also, we have endeavored to revive the domestic umbrella industry by collaborating with a local manufacturer with a rich heritage of craftsmanship passed down through generations.



  • Materials
    • Canopy: Satin Fabric
    • Pole & Ribs: Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP)
    • Wooden handle
  • 99.9% of the UV blocking rate
  • Automatic open and close button
  • Dimensions:
    • 5 cm wide and 25.5 cm long when folded
    • 97 cm wide and 59 cm long when fully extended
  • Weight: 305 g
  • Handmade in Korea

The package includes an umbrella and a coordinating carrying sleeve, both presented in an elegant gift box designed in the traditional Korean roof tile form. The box is engraved with the phrase “Good luck,” adding a touch of cultural significance to the gift.

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