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45g Laptop Stand made from pH-neutral Recycled Paper "g.flow" - Baobab

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Foldable & Portable

g.flow’s universal design works effectively with laptops of any size, and folds down to fit into a slim case that you can slip right into your bag with your laptop making it extremely portable for on-the-go workers and digital nomads.



The paper used to construct the g.flow is entirely made from a single sheet of 100% recycled pH-neutral paper. No glues. No chemical coatings. It is further recyclable for sure, allowing it to have no negative impact on its environment when disposed… if disposed.


Paper-light but sturdy

A single piece of paper seems to be weak, right? However, when structured correctly, like g.flow, it becomes very strong. Strong enough to support even the heaviest laptop computers, which can be 100 times the weight of a piece of paper!


A little extra here: While g.flow holds your laptop, the case can hold your phone or tablet. View all your screens at once!



g.flow’s precise angle of degree helps maintain good posture, providing perfect angles for screen viewing and wrist alignment while you type. Your neck, shoulders, and wrists will thank you.


Natural cooling

g.flow prevents your laptop from overheating with creases that keep the air flowing so you can keep on work flowing.


Give back

We value coexistence. Our goal is to continue working with vulnerable people: giving them visibility and opportunities for growth, creating a circular economy, and a profitable collaborative platform. A large portion of profit made on the sale of the art editions goes to our in-house artists with intellectual disabilities.

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