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Tipi Bookrest

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A bookshelf is like a long-term parking lot for books. Taking a closed book off the shelf and opening it can seem like a laborious process. The Tipi Bookrest will help you continue to read where you left off easier and quicker, so that you can cultivate a healthy reading habit.

The World’s Largest Bookmark

Wave goodbye to those pesky little bookmarks that always seem to get lost in the clutter. With the Tipi Bookrest, you don’t have to look for misplaced bookmarks, fold a corner of a page or put the open book upside-down on a desk or table anymore. With its minimalist design, the Tipi Bookrest is here to provide a resting place for your book when you need to take a break from reading by acting as both a bookmark and a stand. Its sleek triangular roof silhouette makes it easy to set aside your book and pick back up right where you left off.

Storage for Your Individual Reading Requirements

The Tipi Bookrest is an all-in-one bookshelf and compartment with a design reminiscent of a small tent. The inner bookrest takes the combination to a whole new level. Designed to fit perfectly within the outer bookrest, it provides a dedicated space to hold your writing instruments, notebooks, glasses, and other small essentials, keeping them within easy reach. Now, you can jot down your thoughts as you read, without having to search for misplaced items. It also conveniently holds your smartphone, ensuring an uninterrupted reading experience.

The Inner Bookrest’s Versatile Usage

While the outer part graciously cradles your favorite book, giving it a well-deserved place to rest, the inner part is not just limited to storage. Whether you use it as a set or separately, it adds a touch of multipurpose magic. Do you misplace your glasses or mobile often? Do you need a space to display your long-dried flowers? It also doubles as a vase for dried flowers or as a mobile holder. Search no further, the Tipi Bookrest provides ample space for all your trinkets, essentials, and décor. No matter your passions and tastes, this bookrest is your canvas to personalize your storage experience.

Change Your Home Décor with Changing Books

The covers of the books on your desk speak volumes about your current interests. Your books are an extension of yourself. And what better way to showcase your unique self than to use the Tipi Bookrest to show off your current book. With the Tipi bookrest, your reading tastes create a different roof, allowing you to be the architect crafting your own interior design experience through your books. The beautiful equilateral triangle silhouette enables effortless integration into any environment, whether placed on a desk, table, or nightstand.


  • Dimensions: See the last image
  • Material: E0 grade plywood (the safest level for interiors and premium furniture), water-based stain and varnish finish with eco-friendly grade
  • Handcrafted by an artist duo QUOTT in Seoul, South Korea 

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