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Customizable Grid Box

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"Life," as the great philosopher Sartre once stated, "is a choice between birth and death." From the moment we take our first breath to the very last, we are faced with decisions that shape our existence. And today, we are here to prove to you how your choices can truly make a difference.

We introduce to you the Customizable Grid Box, where you hold the power to create your own storage utopia, no matter how limited the space may be. This box allowes you to organize and display your treasured everyday items in a variety of ways, tailored to your unique tastes and needs.

Create Your Own Storage Haven

With the Customizable Grid Box, you are granted the freedom to create your own storage style. Horizontal and vertical partitions? The choice is yours. This box can transform from a simple box space to 16 compartments, adapting seamlessly to your ever-changing storage needs.

Customized Filing Cabinets Based on Paper Sizes

Say hello to a world of order! Each drawer space is meticulously designed to accommodate standard paper sizes, from A6-sized postcards to A4-sized documents. With a compartment height of 50mm, you can efficiently store a multitude of items and books—even that hefty novel you’ve been immersed in! Just remember to double-check the size when placing your order.

Whether it’s your favorite books, daily journals, important files, or even those nightly diary notes, this Customizable Grid Box will make organizing your most cherished possessions easier than ever. Plus, our pen rest, perfectly aligned with the grid’s dimensions, keeps your precious writing instruments organized for easy reach.

* Please note that the partitions are made of thin wood to optimize internal space organization, which may result in slight warping.

Versatile Usage Beyond Stationery Storage

If you lay your Customizable Grid Box horizontally, a whole new dimension of functionality opens up before your very eyes! You can use it for more than just storing your stationery items. This structural marvel can now house your LP player and treasured vinyl records.

Our two-tiered partition allows for seamless organization of additional components. But there’s more! The loop space within the grid box can hold your frequently used writing instruments, precious trinkets, and prized knickknacks.

  • What’s included in the box: 1 x customizable grid box, 2 x horizontal partition, 1 x vertical partition
  • Dimensions: See the last image
  • Material: E0 grade plywood for indoor furniture, water-based stain and varnish finish with eco-friendly grade
  • Handcrafted by an artist duo QUOTT in Seoul, South Korea 

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