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Maedeup (Korean Knots) Dog Collar & Leash Set - Pink & Mint

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Don’t compromise on style and comfort when taking your dog for a walk. Your dog’s accessories are a part of your look as well. When paying attention to smaller details, keep in mind that choosing a high-quality leash and collar set is just as important as selecting your dog’s outfit. Be discerning when choosing the right products.


This dog leash and collar set not only adds a fashionable touch to the owner’s look but also provides maximum comfort for the dog and a variety of wearable options.


The exceptional design is steeped in rich Korean culture. Its motifs draw inspiration from the traditional Maedeup knot technique, and a traditional decorative coloring called Dancheong adorns it. Each piece is carefully handcrafted from start to finish by skilled female artisans, each of whom have nearly 40 years of experience in dyeing and knotting techniques. The collar is designed to be wide enough to prevent your dog from straining the neck, and it comes with a stylish, sturdy dog tag. You can rest assured that the leash will not break even under a tension of 1T. In the event that one knot becomes untied, it will not break the line or unravel altogether. Moreover, everything is made from sustainable materials!


You have three options for wearing this item, depending on your comfort, needs or mood:

1) Wear around the shoulder, as a crossbody accessory

2) Wear around the waist

3) Carry by hand.

When worn around the shoulder, the wide strap rests comfortably on it, while adding a stylish accent to your look, whether casual or formal.


  • Material: Polyester, Parachute Cord, Metal, Genuine Leather
  • Handmade in South Korea
  • Width: 3-4 cm
  • Length:
    • Leash: 200 cm
    • Collar:
      30-40 cm
      40-50 cm
      46-56 cm
      56-66 cm
  • The product comes with a compact carabiner for easy attachment and detachment.


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