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Magnetic Shell Potholder & Oven Mitt - Yellow

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Who would have imagined this is a potholder at a glance? The unique design, inspired by a bilaterally symmetrical scallop shell, makes it the most beautiful potholder in the world. A potholder has often been considered an item that is not openly displayed in the kitchen but stored in the drawer after use. No one had tried innovating its design until the Korean designer Seung-Yong Song, who won the iF Design Award by reinventing a neglected product category. Each part of the potholder snaps together magnetically, thereby allowing it to be hung on a hook or on the refrigerator, wherever there is a magnetic surface.


  • Safe and resilient enough to hold a pot or even withstand the hottest oven temperatures.
  • Material: Non-slip Silicone, 18-Karat Gold-plated Zinc Alloy
  • Available in 5 colors: White, Gray, Yellow, Deep Green, and Navy

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