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"East or west, home is the best." Your trusty pen, the one you always write with, deserves a worthy place to rest. Let’s give your writing instruments a place to lay their weary heads tonight, considering all the hard work they’ve done to move our thoughts and touch our hearts.

Whether it’s on your desk at work or rolling around on a flat surface somewhere, your cherished writing instruments deserve more than a basic pencil holder filled with bits and pieces. With the Penrest, you can give your favorite writing instruments the ultimate abode.

Holds Different Types and Sizes of Pens

Our one- and three-pronged Penrests, approximately 220 mm long, offer options based on the number of writing instruments you own and the type of pen you prefer.

They provide a stable and secure hold for a variety of pens, including fountain pens, pen holders, pencils, and more. The two supports at the head and center of the Penrest make it easy to pick up and put down your pens while using them.

Space for Pens and Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils and regular pencils go hand in hand with erasers, while fountain pens are always accompanied by nibs and ink. We’ve thoughtfully created it to accommodate all these essential companions. The space under the three-pronged Penrest features an area where you can store erasers, clips, tongs, and other accessories that are easily lost. Not to mention, it solves the problem of dip pens rolling by providing a separate storage space for cleaned nibs. Keep your ink bottles, nibs, and more together with this elegantly crafted pen stand to elevate your space and keep your writing instruments safe!

Easy and Simple to Organize

The Penrest fits inside our Customizable Grid Box, taking organization to the next level. With its small oval-shaped handles, sliding the Penrest in and out of the storage box becomes a breeze. Give your treasured writing instruments the luxurious home they deserve with the Penrest!

  • Dimensions: See the last image
  • Material: E0 grade plywood for indoor furniture, water-based stain and varnish finish with eco-friendly grade
  • Handcrafted by an artist duo QUOTT in Seoul, South Korea 

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